We’re so happy with the high praise that we’ve received from those who have commissioned videos through us. Here’s a small sample of what people have had to say about our work:

“Well done, Alex.  As I hoped, Apricot clearly got “into it.”  Her reaction was indeed something to behold – this is often what makes or breaks a spanking video for me.  Her face was a real mess at the end. Loved that!  …This came out really well. I love those long lingering moments where Apricot had to wait and anticipate what comes next. And the position is interesting, though one not seen very often. It’s kind of unique among spanking videos, don’t ya think?” J (Regarding Apricot’s Punishment, a severe caning, paddling, and mouth soaping video with Apricot Pitts. This is J’s second custom video with us)

“The video was Excellent! Great job from you and Dorothy! Another great one for the collection! I’m definitely gonna get back to you within the week about another humping custom.” (Regarding a humping fetish video coming soon to Kitchen Sink Spanking with Dorothy Burnett. This was this client’s 4th video with us)

“I’ve never seen anything like this. This is so damn amazing!!! ” Adam (Regarding a spanking video with Luci Lovett coming soon to Northern Spanking)

“The video was very well done.  The best custom I have had done. I have another one I would like done.”
S. (Regarding Small Town Betrayal, a hard belting scene with Erica Scott)

“Very well done. Just as I had pictured it.  Good job.” S. (Regarding his second video, No Daughter of Mine, with Apricot Pitts and Miss Anna)

“Alex, Excellent Video. Pls pass on my thanks to the lovely Harley for submitting her shapely bottom for such a caning.” P. (Regarding Schoolgirl Caning Experience with Harley Havik)

“There really isn’t anyone else who I can trust with my darkest private feelings the way I do you. Instead of being upset by my strange idea you created something extraordinary for me… even though our fetishes are different I feel like you get me.” Jason (Regarding Wrapped in Plastic, a Laura Palmer cosplay masturbation film)

“Thank you so Much Alex i can’t thank you enough for all your dedicated time & effort greatly Appreciate & has been a pleasure doing business with you!” A. (Regarding Ginger and Harley Stocking Fetish and Ginger and Harley Platino Pantyhose Fetish)

“The clip is beautiful, sexy, erotic and amazing in every way. So are you. Thanks very much.” H.
(Regarding Tennis Upskirt Masturbation)

“Just Watched the Video! Great Work you two are very Beautiful :)” A. (Regarding Yoga Pants Spanking Marathon with Cupcake SinClair)

“Wow!!!!! It’s fantastic. So intense, both physically and emotionally. And obviously one of the best spanking videos ever made….I should know, as I’ve seen an awful lot of them. This was so delicious! Well done!  I may have you do another someday.  Give my regards to Harley.  What a trooper she is.” J. (Regarding Harley’s Punishment)

“Once again you have done a beautiful job on this project. You make the most authentic hand punishment scenes I have ever seen. Thanks again for your hard work.” Donny (Regarding Disruptive Behavior)

“OMG! I am so glad that you made this video for me! You are the cutest baby and you looked delicious as you diapered yourself. You were so natural and sweet. The camera angle was perfect and the video was even higher quality than I expected. I’m hoping I can make another with you!” M. (Regarding Meet Baby Alex: A Diapered Introduction)

“Just to let you know that I was able to watch the video, and to report that it was absolutely excellent and super hot, and everything that I hoped it would be. Thanks so much for a wonderful production!” R. (Regarding Self Caning: School Girl Punished for Wetting her Panties)

“Thank you for the video.  It was incredible!  The rapport that you, Paul and Erica had was fantastic.  In addition to some good spankings you all humorously followed the story line. Alex, you and Paul were great.  Please tell Erica that I thought she was both wonderful and beautiful. Seeing both you and her get bare bottom spankings and then have to kneel side by side was better than I’d imagined.  Thank you very much.” W. (Regarding Protester Punished)

“You did a great job on this video.  I thought you gave thoughtful and long answers to the questions and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the third one.” W. (Regarding Ask Alex: Interview with a Spanking Model)

“The video was great.  You were outstanding as the babysitter and exuded authority in a convincing manner.  It looked to me as if you spanked Dorothy pretty soundly!   I enjoyed the banter the two of you had and I enjoyed the various angles the video showed.  If it is appropriate to do so, please tell Dorothy that I thought she was awesome in this and captured the role of the naughty younger girl really well.  I agree with you that Dorothy was “cute” in the drop seat pajamas, especially with her flap down and little bottom exposed. It is, I think, an appealing image for those who like spanking. I hope others like it as well as I did.” W. (Regarding Dropseat Discipline for Dorothy)

“Overall it is an extremely good video. Well shot and edited, with an excellent location. You all combined into a realistic and effective unit. I thought the dialogue was excellent. Thanks for creating authentic birches. They looked really good and would’ve hurt! It definitely created that element of variety that really enhanced the video. The camera angles were great and well thought out. All in all an excellent video. Thank you.” C. (Regarding By Order of the Court)

“The video is *perfect*.  One always wonders whether the reality is going to live up to the fantasy, but this one absolutely did!  You’re both gorgeous and you nailed the roles exactly. Thank you so, so much…been a pleasure working with you!” A. (Regarding Never Too Old for a Good Spanking)

“The video was great!! I loved the different angles and closeups! Great job to all of you!” S. (Regarding  School Girl Humping: Alex Humps Ami Mercury)

“I got the video. I loved it!! You and Maddy did awesome the spankings were nice and hard and so were the wedgies 😊 I also loved the panties they looked great on both of you.” M. (Regarding Wedgies in the Workplace)

“I’ve had several of these custom clips made, Alex, and no one touches you for design and execution. The quality of the photography is excellent, as is the incredible way that you seem to instinctively know what the camera is looking for.”  Michael (Regarding Bathtime: School Girl Takes a Bath in Her Uniform)

“You guys have surpassed yourselves! What amazes me is how you can, with both this and the previous project, take my out-of-the-mainstream kink ideas and not only assimilate them but expand on them.” – Jim (Regarding Alternative Punishment: Sore Boobies)

“I just wanted to let you know that I was so impressed with the video. It’s hard to find someone willing to go the extra mile to make things realistic like you did.” Donny (Regarding Put Out Your Hand, Girl! Hard Hand Tawsing Punishment)

“I just wanted to let you know that the clips were absolutely amazing though! The schoolgirl clip is my new favorite clip ever! You and Paul pulled it off perfectly, I love everything about it. It’s absolutely phenomenal to say the very least. The chemistry and work that you and Paul create together is better than anything I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much again for everything, you and Paul really outdid my wildest dreams for the clips and I can’t thank you enough for that. You’ve been amazing through the whole process and am extremely lucky and thankful for how awesome and helpful and understanding you’ve been with everything” T (Regarding Punishment Outfit and Get Inside, Now!)

“Just wanted to say that I really loved the pajama self-spanking clip, you did awesome, I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much again for doing a clip like that for me.  Also, the panties were great. Thank you for modeling and showing them off the way you did, especially the “Hanes” waistband and the seat of the underwear.  It was all awesome!” T (Regarding Just for You!)